Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whole lotta flying

Yesterday was day 2 blocked for 4 legs at 7.5 hours.

Eleven forty  AM van for a twelve fifty departure. We stay in the "airport" hotel...but it's a long damn drive.

First two legs were mine. We had an hour sit between them.

Uneventful 1st leg. Arrived early and decided to visit the "roach coach" that sits behind the crew room. Cheap, good food. Didn't get ill...win/win.

Next leg was a short hop. A little over an hour block. Hot. Over 100 degrees. At 500 feet my Captain called "V approach, sink 4oo". Only a slight crosswind under 10 knots.  This meant, while I was on approach speed...I was making a shallow approach. Normal sink is between 500 and 700 depending on ground speed.

I pulled the power back and bit and increased the descent rate. Back on track by 200 feet AGL...but now I had a different issue, slightly fast.

Long runway. I floated more than I have in a while with the mains touching down 3000 feet down the runway. I'm normally on the ground in the first 2000 feet. Eh.

No ground air meant we ran the APU the entire time. Full flight back, but I was done flying for the day.

Short flight back. Busy airspace. It's interesting to join final with a 777 off your wing for the parallel.

After landing I checked my bid for next month. I'm always slightly disappointed.

I got what I wanted for the most part.

My trips start with a 2PM report time and finish at 11:30AM. Easy to commute on both ends. The line value is low at just 73 hours. I might pick up a high value 2 or 3 day to make up. I have a full 14 days off scheduled, but I will have more as I have vacation at the end of the month.

I wanted to work Wednesday thru Saturday. I got Thursday thru Sunday instead. Eh.

It appears the Captain that I was too fly with next month is retiring or for whatever reason not flying as his name is on the award of the line only, not on any of the flights. Bleh.

After the third leg I was ready to be at the hotel. Already flew 5 hours. Two hour break before the last 2 1/2 hour flight.

Blocked out early. Half full. Long flight. Smooth flight until the arrival. Moderate turbulence.

The ATIS was reporting just one of the 6 runways was open for landing. The one that was open was on the far east side of the airport. We were coming from the west. I was on the radio and requested a straight in to one of the "closed" runways. Denied due to noise abatement. Ugh.

While being vectored for final my Captain asked for a closer runway that paralleled the runway in use. Approach called tower, approved. This saved us a good 10 minutes.

Nice landing, shorter taxi and done. Blocked in having flown 7 hours 32 minutes with a 12 hour duty day.

Overnight is 15 hours. Just two legs today with a 2 hour break in between.

Tomorrow is just one leg. I'm already planning my commute home. I have 3 flights on mainline plus two offline flights to get home. At best I will arrive at 10PM...worst 1AM. Either way my family will be sleep.

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  1. Another great post and thanks.  Since you cover the bases so well, there is little need for comments, just know that you are read.  it sounds like the commutes are getting easier for you and that is good.  Computing what works best for you (and the family) and then bidding and trading, must keep you up for long nights.  Hmm.  I enjoy the posts and thanks!  -C.


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