Friday, December 11, 2015

Airport Smart

Currently sitting at Einstein Brothers in the airport. Reasons being they offer free coffee refills...and I'm tired.

It's day 4. It's 7:09 AM and I've already been up for almost 4 hours. Today started with a 3:30 AM wake up for a 4:30 AM van for a 5:30 AM departure. The flight was just 98 nautical miles. Think about that for a second.

Most passengers also had to wake up at 3:30 AM. Or arrival time was scheduled for 6:20 AM. The 50 minutes block included anticipated deicing (didn't need it, mild winter), taxiing out, the flight and taxiing in. 

It's 98 NM....maybe 110 miles if driven on the ground. At even 60 MPH those passengers could have DRIVEN to the hub faster. Blah. I'm tired. 

I have 2 hours to relax before I head to Colorado for my last turn. It's a very unproductive 14 hour 4 day trip. I spent 30 hours on an overnight (known as a lost day as I only get per diem). Enough complaining.

My upgrade training is scheduled to start on February 16th. I am estimated to be complete with IOE mid-April. Most pilots finish before that. Seeing that I have flown the other jet before, it should be fine. 

I'm hoping that the next vacancy bid will be out before January 31st. If it is I plan (and hope) to be able to bid a Captain slot in my current base. It would be ideal. No idea if it will happen. 

For now I will enjoy my free coffee refills. When I was very junior I'd sit here for hours on airport standby. I learned then about both the free refills AND how it's cheaper to order a bagel and add egg than it is to order a bagel sandwich with egg and cheese. I don't care for cheese and by order this way (vs asking them to hold the cheese) I saved $3. I got coffee, egg and cheese bagel on cinnamon sugar (it's odd...don't judge) and a french toast bagel for the less than an egg and cheese sandwich cost alone. It pays to be airport smart.