Monday, February 5, 2018

I think I'm going to like it here....

Just finished my first IOE trip. First...the plane is waaaay easier to land than the simulator. Of my 8 landings, 7 were very smooth. The one that wasn't was just me being new. It wasn't rough, but I flared late and it was a little more wobbly than I would have liked.

My trip was a 3-0-4-3. I overnighted in OKC and PNS. At my last airline I only got a meal if there were leftovers...and since we had no ovens they were always cold. At AA pilots get meals loaded for them. It's a whole new world. Being given a hot meal on the same route I flew at my regional is just weird.

The MD-80 is a very busy plane...especially for the First Officer. Between the gate and runway there's a lot to do and fine tune. I am keeping up though.

I hope to keep the blogging up now that I have something new in my world. I was honestly very burnt out even as Captain at my regional. It wasn't a nice environment for me.