Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I love Jury Duty

February is almost over. I have worked just 5 days...really 4 and 1/4.

I originally had 3 trips this month. Two 4 day trips and a 5 day trip. At the beginning of the month I had a few days of vacation that carried over from January.

Being junior I get mostly crappy vacation days. Thankfully with flexible scheduling it's not a big deal.

In January I had 16 days off. I didn't do much beyond annoy my wife. I did take a quick trip to Madrid, Spain. By quick I mean I was on the ground for just 25 hours. It was fun traveling with just a backpack. I got a whole row of coach there and a nice business class suite on the way back.

While on vacation I was given a jury duty summons. It was for 7:30 AM on a Thursday. My first trip of the month was a 4 day finishing at 7 AM that same Thursday. The trip was a red-eye trip from Ecuador. 

I sent an email with the summons to my Chief Pilots office and the entire trip was removed.....with pay. At second year pay that was $3381 to attend jury duty. The day of jury duty I was home by 8:15 AM. Nice!

With the vacation in January, being a little more senior and jury duty.....I haven't worked much this month.

In January I did take my first trip south of the equator. I had a 5 day trip that ended with a red-eye back from Quito.

Quito airport is 7700 feel MSL. The hotel and city of Quito is almost 1500 feet higher. I have never been so high. The headache never stopped. I have no desire to go back. I made the best of it with a trip to stand on the equator though.

By this summer I will go from the bottom 20% seniority to the top 40% as they expand the status. I will really enjoy the seniority by then.

If only there were a way to get more jury duty summons. Ha.