Monday, April 30, 2018

103 hours later

I finished my consolidation for my new aircraft at American. The FAA requires pilots to accumulate 100 hours of flight time within 120 days of earning a type rating. It's not hard for narrow body pilots, for wide body pilots it can be an issue as they might be at the controls for 6 hours of a 14 hour flight.

After 100 hours I finally feel comfortablish in the MD-80. It's a very different aircraft than I most recently flew at my last airline.

The last aircraft was a nearly fully automated glass flight deck that required very little input once programmed. The MD-80 requires a lot more attention....but I enjoy it.

Through my first 100 hours I've flown to exactly one new airport. Ironically everywhere the MD-80 flies is where I used to fly when flying for American Eagle. It's least I know the airports.

I'm still getting used to the idea that I will never have to interview at another airline...or anywhere for the rest of my career....possibly 24 more years if I work until 65.