Friday, November 19, 2010

Flying is easier

A few weeks into being a stay at home dad. Flying is much easier than caring for a baby. Planes have checklist and are predictable. I love my daughter, but her ability to go from straight and level flight to full on stall is....well shocking.

Some might have noticed this site was unstable the last few days. My host is a well known host and apparently some of the sites that share my server were blacklisted by AHBL blacklist entire IP addresses...thus my site was on a used by my home ISP....which meant I was cut off from all of my blogs. Not good. Fixed now, but I will be moving my blogs to a new host sometime before the end of the year. So if a day comes where nothing comes up....relax and come back a day or two later.

November is normally when I take my yearly check ride. Looks like I will be taking it in January. Then a few weeks later I will likely begin training to fly a different plane. That should make for some good content. Not upgrading to Captain (though it's getting closer....maybe sometime in 2012). Just changing planes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Feet on the ground

As of November 1st I am not going to be flying (for work anyway) for a good two months.

I flew my last flight October 30th. Overtime trip. Routine flight. Spent a lot of time watching the sunset. Gonna be a while before I see it from up there again.

Taking care of my almost 3 month old daughter is way more difficult than flying a plane. I thought I would have two months off to watch my video podcast and fix up my man cave. Not so much.

I will try to update this blog every now and then if I see a flying related topic that comes up. Beyond might be quiet here for a while. Feel free to shoot any questions my way via a comment on this (or most any recent post) or via the email listed by clicking the "about" link at the top of the page.