Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Still flying...very lucky

I'm still here. I've settled in nicely into the right seat of the MD-80. So far I've flown just under 200 hours in the Mad Dog. I'm almost comfortable.

Being able to be based at my home airport was very lucky on my part. I've enjoyed a lot more time at home and days off not being called.

The MD-80 is a very small fleet at my airline. In the fall it will be very small. As of now there's no plans to displace any pilots in my current status. I will stay as long as I can as I can't hold any other aircraft in my base.

Hopefully by next year I will be able to hold something local...if not I should be a line holder in another base. As of now I hope to hold the Airbus....but will settle for the 737.