Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't catch a break

Day 2 was long. After arriving 30 minutes early I had that lovely 5 hour sit.

Next leg was looking good. Boarded on time. I pulled up our clearance. Original departure time was 2100Z. Due to flow control our departure time was 2243Z. Ugh. Duty day was already scheduled for 13 hours 40 minutes.

That was the first issue. Next was after we announced our delay a passenger stood up and said she had a tight International connection and wanted to know if she should find a different way.

She was a top tier passenger. She called the executive desk and they arranged for her to fly on a different airline nonstop. Pays to be important.

While this was playing out I walked to the back of the plane to the lav (walk of shame). Several passengers watched "shouldn't you be at the other end of the plane?"

On my way back another lady stood up and jolted off the plane. Hmmm k.

After back in the flight deck I saw the lady on the jet bridge yelling it was too hot in the plane, there was no air and the flight crew was being rude. I checked the cabin temp and it was a chilled 71 degrees, air blowing from the packs was 64 degrees. Not cold and plenty of air flow. I guess we were being rude because of the flow delay?

She did play the, "When I fly Southwest they are never this rude!" Nice.

My flight attendant is former Boston cop. He needed no help from us. Yadda, yadda, yadda she took her seat.

We pushed out 50 minutes late. Given taxi instructions to a runway where we waited. And waited. Finally 93 minutes after scheduled departure time we took off.

The flight ended up being over blocked. Even with en route slowdowns and turns we landed just 25 minutes late.

Big airport. First time there for me. The operations confused me a bit. I had to call on 5 different frequencies between the runway and the gate.

Quick turn. My leg. One departure runway...20 planes in line. So much for that 13 hour 40 minute duty day.

Finally given takeoff instructions. Flew fast. Nice landing. Off to the hotel.

We arrived an hour late. Originally a 9 hour 15 minute overnight. Now down to 8 hours 20 minutes.

Exhausted. Arrived at the hotel at 11:30PM. I called scheduling and told them (I stopped asking a long time ago), "My crew had a long duty day. We are just now arriving at the hotel. The vans run every 30 minutes. We are taking 8 hours behind the hotel door. We will be on the 8AM van. I estimate we will arrive on the curb at the airport at 8:15AM." The scheduler confirmed and that was it. Departure time was 8:35AM.

Short night. None of us slept well. Arrived at the gate at 8:20AM to find another plane on the gate. Glad we didn't arrive on time.

Blocked out at 8:50AM. Another over blocked flight as we arrived on time. Long taxi in.

Finally it was my leg again. One leg to Canada.

Uneventful flight. Flew fast. Looooooong walk to customs. Long walk to the hotel van. Happy to be rested.

Glad I brought my own router....yep only wired in the room.

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