Friday, June 3, 2011

Mostly open

I approve just about every comment that makes sense....even those that are negative against me or my choices. Why? Well I like open and free discussion. Last night a comment was posted about a post I wrote about a particular book. The comment was from the author. His comment was:

"Do you still want to hold a negative review against "XXXXX" for not being a book that is a very accurate account of the regional airline lifestyle?? Seems to me like you are repeating/living everything I wrote about that you were very quick to 'put down'. I find your blogging comical in that you weren't able to relate with my personal autobiography that has been positively reviewed by many...."

I approved the comment and then posted my own stating that I did not slam his book in any portion of my post. I even cited part of my original post about his book where I wrote;

" I was able to relate to many of his experiences as I went through some of  them on my journey from my cubicle to the cockpit."

I then asked him a few questions. He responded back with:

"Well then, glad you are coming around and 'seeing the light'. For your daughter's sake, I hope in a couple years time, you'll further see what is truly important in life. Thanks for your support and thoughts, stop by and introduce yourself at the EAA fly-in this year where I will be autographing books."

He didn't answer a single question. I'm not really sure if he even read the post I wrote about his book as I didn't slam it. The only thing remotely negative I said was;

"I’m 70% done with my current book, XXXX ,and I am not sure if I will finish it."

I got to thinking about the whole exchange and discussed it with my wife. The comments he posted made no sense as I didn't slam his book at all. I think he posted just to sell more books so I removed his and my own comments.

It wasn't easy removing his comments as it went against my "free and open exchange" but I felt it was best.


  1. Thanks for your well-written, interesting and insightful blog.  Even if you get the odd weird comment, please remember that there are the 99.9% of us who (perhaps unfortunately) never comment, but enjoy every word you write.  Please keep up the great blogging!

  2. Don't sweat it man, not sure where you are going with this. I read the book as well, it's a great personal account and representation of the state of the industry. I think it's fair what you said, and I think you may have taken what he said too harshly, and vice-versa. I didn't see anything profane or threatening from either of you that warrants anything getting worked up about. I think maybe he took your "... I am not sure if I will finish it.” as a, "this is not even worthy of finishing it" least that's how I would have read into it. I also think his... "Thanks for your support and thoughts, stop by and introduce yourself
    at the EAA fly-in this year where I will be autographing books." was a very kind and gentlemen like offer. So...time to move on? I'd say so.


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