Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm just not a fearless commuter

This trip started with an 8:30AM sign in on Sunday.

Of course I'm still commuting so I had to plan ahead.

The commuter policy requires at least 2 flights that will get me to my base on time. Sunday morning there was only one flight that would get me there on time.

I looked Saturday and that morning flight was open. It was scheduled to arrive at 8:05AM....leaving 25 minutes to sign in.

"Real" commuters would have risked it. I'm not fearless. Instead I took the last flight up Saturday night. This way I would be well rested and there on time.

I was able to spend the entire day with my family. When I left my daughter was going to bed. So little time lost.

This is a trip I traded into as my line for the month was crappy. This trip is much better. Twenty two hours of flying in just 10 legs.

The first turn was to DCA. I haven't been there since last July 4th.

I reviewed the security and arrival procedures. Full flight plus a jump seater. My leg.

The arrival has several step down fixes with specific crossing altitudes. Nothing hard, just keeps me on my toes.

Given the Mount Vernon visual to runway 1.

The controller turned us just south of Mount Vernon. We got a nice view of the prohibited area.

Airport in sight as well as the Woodrow Wilson bridge.

The runway isn't terribly long or short at 6900 feet. The missed approach procedure can be busy to avoid flying over P-56.

I made a very nice landing and used minimal braking to make to N1 taxiway. Done.

Quick turn and back to base. The Captain and I decided to trade at the outstations so the next two legs were his.

The flight to the overnight was long. Full again plus a jump seater. Due to weather we got three reroutes. Still arrived on time. Nice long 18 hour overnight.

Today is 4 legs with the last being back where I am now. Arrive after midnight for 15 hour overnight.

Tomorrow is just two legs with Wednesday being a single leg back to base.

My seniority is moving up. I'm within 300 numbers of being able to upgrade to Captain. This means I should get serious about updating my logbook. I have been half assed about it for awhile. Not updated since August of 2010.

I have one more trip this month starting on Sunday. That one is fully commuteable starting at 6PM Sunday and finishing early on Wednesday.

For next month I set my parameters for commutability above all else. I requested sign ins after 1PM and to finish before 5PM. I'll know what I get in a few hours.


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