Saturday, June 25, 2011

Commuteable....but then there's the commute

My next 4 day is fully commuteable...on paper.

I have to report by 4PM. Seems easy enough. I have over 10 flights to get me there before that between 2 airlines. Problem...full flights.

The only "open" flight is at 8:30AM. I will arrive in base just before noon. I get to find something too do between then and 4 PM. After that I do 3 legs (worth 5 hours) and get to my overnight 11PM.

Days two and three are just 2 legs each worth 6.5 and 4.5 hours respectively.

Day four is three legs finishing at 3:40PM giving me 7 flights to get home.

After that I am off for a while. My line for next month doesn't start till the 8th. I'm debating picking up over time. It will all depend on how lazy I am.

The ATP RJ program is ramping up again. The Director of training contacted me about getting back into teaching the course. Think I will take him up on it for a few days. I can make more more there in one day than I can flying. Anyone thinking about going? I heard American Eagle will pay for the course for those with 500/50 total time. Of course one must sign a 2 year contract with the airline.

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