Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still going

Nice overnight. My crew was to deadhead back to base at 6:55 this morning. I woke up at 4AM with an odd feeling that the flight was canceled. I fired up my computer and saw my schedule had been adjusted. We were now flying a flight back to base at 12:10PM. Crew scheduling never called or notified us. We would have all left the hotel this morning and gone to the airport if I had not checked.  I called the Captain at 5AM (he had a 5AM wake up call anyway) and told him the news. He then informed the flight attendants.

I was supposed to deadhead back and then fly out on the same flight I flew on Thursday for the same overnight. Since I was now coming in much letter, Crew scheduling assigned me a later flight to the same city. That flight is now delayed as well.

Pretty tired. Not fatigued....just tired. Long overnight tonight (14 hours). Tomorrow I fly back to base and then a quick turn, finishing my day at 7PM. Tomorrow is my day 6. I will have been gone for 5 days, 4 nights when all is said and done.

The storms that caused all the havoc the other day blew down part of my fence. Really sucks not being home to take care of things. My wife (all of 5'3) can't pick up the fence alone. During the break between flights she picked me up and I was able to rig up the fence so it's at least upright and can dry out.

I'll have a long write up/rant tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning covering the trip. Lots of stuff came up....some good...some not so good.

Off to the overnight. At least this hotel has REALLY comfy beds.

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