Friday, May 8, 2009

Damn Cessnas!

At the overnight. Coming into the airport I was doing 220 knots on downwind. We were following a Cessna Caravan on a dogleg to final. I slowed to 200 knots and was at flaps 8 turning base. Turning final I was down to 170 knots flaps 20. Tower advised we were overtaking the Caravan by 100 knots. I slowed to approach speed and flaps 45. The Caravan knew we were right behind him. At 500 feet AGL he was still on the runway. Captain and I were both ready for a go around.I was right at approach speed at 133 knots. Finally at 250 feet he cleared the runway. I landed right on the 1000 foot markings and bounced slightly. Nice. Oh well. The Caravan was just passed the hold short line when I touched down. He apologized....he stated he could have made the first taxiway, but didn't know how close we were. Eh. Plane will fly again. Took a lot of photos today. Will post tomorrow.

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