Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flying when I would rather not

I am on reserve for the next two days. I then get Sunday off and then work reserve 6 more days. Originally I was to work Sunday. If I had then I would be on for 10 days in a row...illegal. The periods between two months is really hard for my airline. Pilots schedules can conflict with flights, duty days and flight time legalities. Some pilots on reserve purposely bid schedules giving them a 7 day conflict. Why? An extra day off! I get 11 days off per month on reserve. If I am illegal to work one of those days (due to a 7 day conflict or what not), I get a day off with full pay. This month I get 12 days off instead of 11. Nice.

Tomorrow night my wife is going out with some friends on a party barge. She wanted me to go. Being the most junior pilot I figured I would get airport standby again tomorrow. Nope. I got an overnight. So much for going out with my wife.

The trip isn't two bad. I do three legs tomorrow followed by a reduced rest overnight and an early morning arrival back in base Saturday. Once I get back I will have to be given a flight right away or released. I will likely be released...hopefully.

This morning an email was sent out to all pilots in my domicile concerning next months schedules. Scheduling advised pilots flying the other planes in my domicile should have no issues getting approval for days off and schedule changes. All pilots flying my aircraft...well...too bad. Not good. I was planning on attending my wife's cousin's wedding. Not looking likely.

Time to go pound sand about having to work tomorrow. Still better than sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours. Although my cubicle gig was 7AM to 4PM...weekends off...proper lunch breaks...but the view sucked. Eh.....still need to update my logbook.

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  1. It sounds like your airline is understaffed on your type... do they hire? (just kidding) ;-D


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