Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Short Field Takeoff...

I am REALLY bored sitting airport standby, thus the youtube videos. A 757, in about 12 seconds, uses a little more than 1500 feet for the takeoff. Talk about a ride.



  1. What an amazing machine. When I was a kid growing up in LA, United Airlines used to still fly 757-200's out of Burbank to New Orleans. As a pilot I'm sure you've heard stories about how hairy KBUR is for takeoffs/landings due to the short runways and the fact that the airport is in the middle of the city. I think watching a fully loaded UA 757 take off from a 5,000 foot runway with a crosswind really demonstrated the thrust and engine capability of that aircraft! Especially considering it had to fly a 4-hour 2,000+ mile route full of pax and fuel from such a short runway.

  2. I noticed over the last couple of days the airline has been flying a certain large turboprop here. The first day they started I made a trip to the airport to see them. Pretty dang cool!! Neat how they board with jetbridges. Any word yet on the move to a different plane?


  3. A short term boredom killer - A panoramic view of an A380 cockpit -

  4. I wonder how much fuel WASN'T in that plane??? Must have been nearly on "E"... Awesome take off!


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