Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in base

Got maybe 4 hours sleep last night. I never sleep well on reduced rest overnights....which is the opposite of what I should do. I toss and turn and worry about oversleeping. I have never overslept.

To wake up on time I set not one....not two....but three alarms. Paranoid much ? I have my cell phone alarm clock, alarm clock app on my laptop (I sleep while listening to music/movies from my laptop) and my travel alarm clock. Overkill I know. Especially since they are all precisely set and go off at the exact same time.

The van time was 6AM Eastern. It was raining. I pack an umbrella in my kit bag. It's always there when I need it.

The winds were calmer this morning. As we lined up on runway 6, I applied takeoff power and away we went. The majority of the flight was very smooth.

The hub wasn't very busy as we came in to land .We were first cleared to land on a runway pretty far from the gate. The tower came over and asked, "Flight 9383 do you see runway 18?" Of course we saw it, beautiful clear skies this morning. He then cleared us for a visual approach to that runway. I was at 2500 feet, 180 knots and flaps 8. I eased the nose of the plane toward the runway while the Captain reset the FMS with the new approach. The winds were calm which normally means a bumpy landing for me. Odd I know. I think I work harder when it's gusty.

As I passed 500 feet I was on speed and descending at 700 feet per minute. Right at 50 feet I began reducing the power. I touched down just on the edge of the 1000 foot markings. Nice.

I have an hour break until the next turn. I will be done for the day once I get back to base. Tomorrow should be a regular reserve day at home. Good way to end a week.

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