Monday, April 27, 2009

Crew Scheduling being strangely nice

Every month I put in various request to crew scheduling. Most of these request are to move my reserve days around to get certain weekends off. Normally they are very slow responding to me. I would submit a request on a Sunday and not hear back until Wednesday. At which time I would usually get a "denied due to staffing". I would then resubmit the request and get it approved. Why? I dunno.

This month I sent in my first round of request yesterday at noon (when a special time period starts for such request). I was shocked when I had an email back within the hour approving all of my request. I submitted another one (it takes a bit of finessing to get my schedule the way I want it). Again approved right away. This morning I submitted the final request. Again approved. I am happy and skeptical.

I am happy as I have a week off starting May 20th thru May 27th. This time period included Memorial Day weekend. I can now have fun and still get a full months pay.

I am skeptical because this has never happened before. The cautious side of me thinks maybe more furloughs/cuts are coming. They are approving the request because "we are going to furlough you anyway, so why not approve the request?" Very odd. I'm happy. But very skeptical.

My wife doesn't understand my skepticism and the way I interact with Crew Scheduling. I have been "screwed" over by Crew Scheduling more times than I would like to think about. I am not used to them being so compliant. Kinda like a dog that has been kicked around being scared when suddenly the owner tries to pet him. Sad but true.

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