Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Psychic

Last night as I sat in "my spot" at the airport, there was a storm surrounding the terminal area....literally. Planes were holding and diverting. I tracked one flight that was normally just 2 hours 20 minutes that took 4 hours 35 minutes due to holding and delays. I thought for sure I would be sent out. Problem was...there were no planes for me to fly. All the planes were up in the air holding or sitting at other airports waiting to come in. Surprisingly I was released at the end of my shift. Flights were in such a disarray that they just let me go. The terminal was lined with passengers who would be spending the night in the airport....but I was headed home.

This morning I was assigned a reserve availability period from 10AM till midnight. During this period I have at least a 2 hour call out before having to sign in at the airport.

This morning I checked the open flights and saw two. One flight is a turn leaving at 5:10 PM while the other is a reduced rest overnight leaving at 6:45 PM. Using the Rules of Engagement I had to be called by 2:25PM for the 5:10PM flight and 4PM for the 6:45PM flight. My phone rang 1PM and I was assigned the 6:45PM flight. Odd.

Once I am assigned a flight I have no further duty to answer my phone or contact the airline. If for some reason the flight cancels or they have an assignment earlier, I am under no obligation to answer the phone or return a voicemail. By calling me early they have one less pilot to use. They are really hedging their bets.

This overnight is the *exact* same one I flew last Friday. Same uncomfortable hotel. Same reduced rest (8 hours 45 minutes from arrival to departure).

Tomorrow morning I get back to base at 6:50AM. I was REALLY hoping to get one of the multi-day trips that are open starting tomorrow. I proffered (which is a way of telling scheduling what I would LIKE to do) for them, but will likely not get them as I already have an assignment. One of the assignments had a decently long overnight (17 hours) in a city I haven't been too yet as a pilot. I am hoping to get an overnight there as there are a lot of museums and sights to see. Eh. Who knows.

Between now and my 6PM sign in I have to take apart my suitcase. I have a very squeaky wheel....which is REALLY loud and annoying.

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