Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothings changed....everything stayed the same.....good

Today is my first day back at the airport in a week. I start the first of 5 airport standby days today.

As I parked my car in the employee parking lot, a UPS plane taxied across the airport. I see this same flight everyday I do airport standby.

I grabbed my laptop bag (the rest of my bags stay locked up at the airport), and made my way to the bus stop. There I saw the same faces I see every day I do airport standby.

I went down to the crew room and signed in for duty. After a quick scan I was happy to see no updates have come out for my manuals. Grabbing my laptop bag I made my way to my hangout up in the terminal area. The same area I hang out everyday I do airport standby.

Along the way I saw a pilot who I went to flight school with. He is on the same plane but is based elsewhere. He did this to hold a line just as my other buddy did. Next month he faces the problem of commuting to reserve as well. We discussed a few things about the job/plane/airline. He did tell me he will have 22 days off this month due to scheduling and other issues. Not too shabby. He is hoping another vacancy/displacement bid comes out allowing him to somehow transfer back to Fargo (just go with it ;-) ) as he doesn't want to commute to reserve. I'm glad I didn't transfer out of Fargo to hold a line, I would be right there with him.

As I settled down in my hangout I took my seat. The same seat I sit in everyday I do airport standby. After a quick check of the status of the flights I began my routine of checking websites, listening to music and relaxing. This post took 5 minutes.....just gotta fill the next 7 hours 55 minutes. The same 7 hours and 55 minutes I fill every week I do airport standby.

Just spoke with another buddy who is getting furloughed on the 1st of the month. He is commuting out today. Even with the impending furlough he still has a positive attitude.

It's a pretty day across most of the United States....sure would like to fly.


  1. Do you get paid during standby? Do you receive a steady paycheck?

  2. By the way I added your rss feed to my site. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for the stories!


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