Saturday, November 12, 2011 there's that

I spent 2 days packing for my first trip in 2 months. I went over everything I thought I needed. Still forgot stuff.

My wife was driving me to the airport (great perk of being married!) when I realized I forgot to pack shorts. I get bored on overnights and exercise. Eh.

I stopped by the crew room to pick up some updates for my manuals when I realized I had left a charger behind. Doh!

It was 20 minutes till boarding started and my wife had just pulled into the garage with my cranky daughter. My daughter had not had a nap yet. I confirmed with my wife that my charger was where I left it. Crap. I'd have to buy one on the road.

My dead head flight was fine. I took some time to review flows and profiles.

I truly hate dead heading...or flying as a passenger at anytime. The average passenger is just rude and disrespectful. Many leave their phones on after being told repeatedly to turn them off. Others ignore the seat belt sign. I've noticed many will take off their seat belt the moment the plane turns off the runway after landing. These are the same idiots that will sue when they are injured if the plane makes a sudden stop or turns fast. Eh.

Because I'm not on a normal overnight I'm not staying at the normal overnight hotel.

I arrived and checked in. They were confused as I was in uniform but my airline doesn't have a contract. After explaining the reservation was likely in my name I had my key. Tons of teenagers here on some conference. I forgot how annoying I was when I was a teenager.

I tossed my stuff in my room and used Google maps to find an Office Depot. About 2 miles away. I then used Google Maps to get transit instructions. I love Android!

Forty bucks later I had my charger and found dinner.

It's 7:30PM now. I have a 5:30AM show time. I plan on arriving around 5AM to give myself a little extra time to get situated with the new plane.

Tomorrow is just 3 legs worth 5 1/2 hours of flying. Over night  near my in laws.

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