Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Careful what you ask for

Bids closed. I got what I asked for...but not what I wanted.

Everyone has priorities when bidding.

I wanted the following:

Maximum Days Off

No Two Day Trips

Monday and Tuesdays off

Maximum Pay (high hour line)

Christmas Off

Those were my prefernences in order....and that's where I screwed myself.

Because I weighted pay OVER Christmas off....I'm working Christmas. Additionally I weighted maximum days off over Monday and Tuesdays I'm working all weekends.

What I wanted was day trips...OR 3 or 4 day trips starting on Wednesdays. That way I would have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. What I got was a mix of 3 and 4 day trips working all full weekends except for one Saturday.

Pretty bummed. Going to see if I can trade trips around.

My line for December is worth 85 hours and I have 15 days off. Since I no longer commute I didn't care about start and finish times.

My schedule does work for day care which is nice.


Beyond that I'm on reserve till next month. The first 2 days I sat at home on long call. Never was called.

I was off today and yesterday, back on tomorrow....for 5 days.

I'm near the top of the reserve list, but because of so many sick calls there aren't too many pilots under me tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be called, but I will pack my suitcase to be gone for 5 days just in case.

Looking forward to being a line holder again.

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