Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dusting off the eppalutes

In a few days a NOTAM will be issued.

NOTAM - Due to extensive flight training by a pilot who's been on the ground for more than two months, all pilots should use extreme caution in the vicinity of the following:



Finally had my schedule loaded into my profile today. I did have to remind the training center I was still waiting for IOE.

The group that schedules IOE is always busy and it's a small group thus it's easy for pilots to fall through the cracks. Sometimes pilots take advantage of this for the extra time off. I've been off for almost 3 weeks since I took my check ride....I'm ready to get back in the air.

I think.

I have no idea where my full uniform is. I know where pieces of it are.

My suitcase has been sitting in the guest bedroom for 2 months. I have to go back through it and think about what I need on the road.

I lost my windscreen for my headset (currently a Telex ANR 500). I bought a new generic one's really big. Eh.

My trip starts with a dead head on Saturday. Nice 12 hour overnight. It's a 5 day trip. Long. Rare.

The first true overnight is a city where my in laws live. With 17 hours of rest I told them they have to pick me up from my hotel.

All the overnights are decent length. Nothing less than 12 hours with the longest being 19 hours! Fairly unproductive.

I return home on Thursday and will have flown an estimated 23 hours in the cockpit. IOE should be done at that point.

Since I will be "working" for 6 days straight I have to be off Friday. My plan is to hit the LA Autoshow. I've gone every year for the last 3 years.

The blogs will soon be interesting again!

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