Monday, November 28, 2011

Being a senior First Officer has it's privileges

I'm on reserve until Friday. I've flown zero hours during my last 7 days of reserve thus far. Being senior has it's privileges.

I'm in the top 1% of the First Officer reserve list at my base. I'm the last person to get called when flight assignments need to be covered. My phone has never rung.

It's been nice. Kind of a paid vacation. Seven days on reserve....full pay. If only I were productive with my time.

With all the time off all I've done is play blocks with my daughter, play "weee" with my daughter (the sound she makes on the slide I bought for her), and mall walk with my daughter. Guess I have been productive eh? Way more fun than updating my logbook or manuals...both of which I broke down and did today. I only have about 5 more months and my logbook will be current. I save all the print outs of my flights digitally each month. I still use Logbook Pro. I might spring for the mobile service since I can use it on my Ipad, Kindle Fire or Thunderbolt phone.

I'm off tomorrow then two more days of reserve and then I have another day off. Due to short staffing my airline is paying a very high premium for pilots to pick up extra flying. I put in to fly a 7 hour day trip on Friday which would net me almost $500 after the premium pay. Would be nice.

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