Friday, September 2, 2011

Three more days

I have three more days of reserve...and then I hit the books.

Yesterday I tried to study a little bit. The path from aircraft A to aircraft B is long.

A question was submitted asking to discuss how I got to where I can switch aircraft. Well it's complicated and detailed...which to maintain my anonymity means I have to water it down.

Airlines change routes/equipment/staffing a few times a year. When staffing is reduced the bottom guys normally get squeezed out. I myself was displaced a few years ago....but only on paper. By the time the date for me to change aircraft came, I was able to stay in my seat.

A few months ago an opportunity arose to allow me to go back to my old base and change aircraft and I took it. It isn't all roses though.

Over the next two months I will:

A. Learn a new aircraft nose to tail

B. Get minimum pay (no per diem)

C. Hop in a simulator for training and a check ride

D. Fly around on IOE again

When I finish I will be in the top 35% of First Officers in my base. I probably won't hold weekends off, but I will be able to easily hold a hard line and likely get something I like.

I have three more reserve days starting tomorrow. To prepare for training I'm going to do the same thing I did when I was hired almost 4 years ago and buy a big ring of note cards and start filling them out.

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  1. Hi Geek.  I appreciate your need to maintain your anonymity, but I sure wish I knew what aircraft you were flying - and will be flying.  That said, and as you have made Oh So Clear, commuting is just not for you.  I hear you, 5x5!  I'm not clear wether your current bid, including aircraft change, is an up-bid, or a down-bid.  If the results change your base to your home city, but still place you in the top 35% of your tyoe/base class, maybe it is a down-bid.  Please explain as much as you can, while still covering yourself.  I do get the feeling that most of this change is intended to kill the commuting stuff and soend more time with the family.  Especially with a daughter of ~1 year, I hear you, Loud and Clear!!  If I've got the details right,  when the retraining is completed, you'll be flying right seat, but from HOME.  That is Very Important.  Ha!  When you reach 58-60, they will give you the left seat in a big airplane, OR a good schedule.  You won't see both .  Regards, -Craig


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