Monday, September 19, 2011

Second day...more of the same

Second day of class was today. I wasn't as productive over the weekend studying as "life" happened.

My wife decided to work the weekend and take Monday and Tuesday off (to save on daycare ). That meant me spending time with my daughter and only being able to study when she napped or my wife was home.

Sunday our refrigerator died. So instead of studying when my wife got home we went shopping for a fridge. The repair cost of the old one exceeded half the cost of a new one. Glad my wife makes good money.

Today we spent zero minutes discussing the airplane. We spent the morning discussing security and the afternoon discussing CRM (Crew Resource Management).

It was interesting hearing the questions from the new hires. I forgot what it was like to be new. For the majority of the new hires in my class this is their first airline and jet.

Tomorrow we are supposed to discuss the FMS.

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