Monday, September 5, 2011

One last lap around the pattern

I'm glad I'm not a betting man....well not too much anyway.

With just three days on reserve I figured I wouldn't be used. Nah. I got called for a two day trip. Fine.

It was mostly easy. The Captain I was to fly with couldn't find his kit bag and the spare wasn't available, thus I flew with a reserve Captain.

Commuting pilots rarely take their kit bags home. Reason being it's one more bag to lug and find space for. There are huge rooms full of kits bags at every hub. For some reason he couldn't find his. Normally he would use the spare from the Chief Pilots' office...but it was already being used. Bleh.

I took the leg out. Storms. Delays. Crazy reroute. Delayed. By the time we started to taxi (40 minutes late!) we were rerouted again....but this time for the better. Instead of a 2 hour flight it was now one hour...straight shot!

Only 8 passengers on board...but 9 other crew members who were dead heading. Light airplane. I somehow managed a nice landing.

Outside the airport were two hotel vans waiting. My crew plus the 9 dead headers had to figure out which crews went to which hotels. After much discussion and checking of our schedules we figured it out. Long overnight.

Day 2 was one leg into base and done.

I'm on reserve today...but doubt I will be called which is fine with me. I'm enjoying the day off with my family. Tomorrow I start studying for the next plane.

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