Friday, August 21, 2009

No airport standby tomorrow!

Tonight I was pretty sure I was going home. Around 5:50PM I was called and assigned a 6:45PM departure. Nice....but it was an odd situation.

The original crew was arriving 17 minutes later than scheduled. The ETA was 6:27. The overnight was scheduled for 10 hours 5 minutes. The Captain and I couldn't understand why they were taking away the overnight. Both pilots were commuters. It was out of our control.

The flight was short. To a city I stayed in last week, but at my least favorite hotel....The unComfortable Inn. Eh.

I was in the cockpit and had the plane setup by 6:05PM. Then I just sat there and played around on my HP Mini netbook....Twitter'd a bit.....relaxed.

Due to late connecting passengers from my mainline partner we didn't push out until 7:10PM. The original crew blocked in at 6:26PM. They could have easily flown the flight. Instead they all get to buy hotel rooms/go home.

The city I am in has two hotels. A new location next to a river in the downtown area. Don't care for that one, but it's better than The unComfortable Inn next to the airport. I have a 10 hour overnight. Only good thing about this hotel is it's a 2 minute drive to the airport and they have a free breakfast.

As of now I leave tomorrow morning at 7:00AM and land back in base at 8:10AM. I have no further flights assigned to me. If all goes as planned I will be released for the rest of the day. This will be nice as Microsoft is having the Zune HD at a local Best Buy for a preview/demo. I'm still on the fence between Zune HD and Ipod touch. Eh.

I'm working on improving the commenting system. I know I personally hate having to log into blogs in order to leave a comment. I'm working on having a system where readers can use an existing account elsewhere (like Facebook,Myspace,Twitter etc) and just click to log in. Much easier.

For now....The unComfortable Inn.

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