Monday, August 3, 2009

A Great Airline That Didn't Make It

I have always liked Expressjet. They had high pay, great morale and a great contract. They weren't the first regional airline to try a run at running their own airline separate from their mainline contract. I had high hopes for them. When they were in operation customers raved about the service and amenities. Expressjet didn't compete with mainline routes, instead they connected cities that previously had no service, but needed service.

The planes were full, the crews were happy and the airport employees were happy. It could have worked....but high gas prices came at the wrong time. I will never forget the a Colgate toothpaste tube.

Here's a video about the marketing team that helped create the Expressjet brand.



  1. What happened did they go under, or are they just not doing charter flights anymore?

  2. Yep they started service This service started April 2007 and ended ended on September 2008. Now they provide service for Continental as well as run their own in house charter service, which I hear is doing very well.


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