Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nice weekend

Had airport standby yesterday. I was never called. Today I was assigned reserve at home with a 2 hour call out. I started reserve at 6AM. Somehow I haven't been called. There are no reserve First Officers available today. It's mid-afternoon and I doubt I will be called. Monday and Tuesday are my days off so I'm not good for an overnight.

I spent the morning watching a movie with my wife. We then went shopping for a new TV for our bedroom. Didn't pull the trigger yet. Hard to justify spending $500 for a TV that we will only watch the news on (although seeing Robin Meade clearly is important too me).

I'm betting being so late in the day that seeing a movie at a movie theatre is a safe bet. I could be called out...but doubtful. I'm going to throw my uniform in the car just in case.

The displacement closes tomorrow. I'm willing to be money I will be displaced out of my seat. I am the most junior pilot in my status. They aren't displacing out of my status, but more senior pilots can displace INTO my status thus pushing me out.

I've agonized for hours over what to do. I have the choice of displacing to a lower paying status in base or the same paying status in another base....thus becoming a commuter. Still not positive which way I will go. I have until 11PM Monday night before the displacement bid closes.

The lower paying status in base would result in several thousand dollars less in pay over the course of a year. Big cut. Commuting cost will be at least $200 a month. Eh.

For to see Funny People.

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