Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Unique Problem: Family life and being a pilot

Right now my immediate family consist of my awesome wife and myself. Soon there will be a second officer...but for now it's just us.

My wife has the "real" job. Many regional First Officers either live at home with the parents or are married to someone who has a "real job". Thankfully her job pays enough to pay all the bills and then some. I pay my car payment and student loan.

Her job, for the most part, is a typical 8-5 job (although she sets her own schedule and works 6:30AM-3PM. With my airport standby shift I work 2PM-10PM. Family time can be a little hard, but we manage.

Today a unique problem cropped up. My wife is a DNA Analyst for a major labaratory. She has to testify in court cases from time to time. Tomorrow is one of those times. This morning a District Attorney called her and advised of the court case being held tomorrow.  My wife  is flying out tonight and won't be back until late tomorrow night.

Although we don't have kids, my wife has 3 dogs. Since I am on airport standby I could easily be sent out on an overnight or multi-day trip. Who's going to watch the dogs tomorrow if we are both gone? She gave a heads up to our pet sitter that we *might* need her tomorrow.

My wife's flight leaves at 7:30PM. If I am still here then I will hang out with her at her gate before she leaves. If I get sent out on an overnight then I will have to call/email the pet sitter so she can stop by tomorrow.

When we have a second officer things could get really interesting.

For now...airport standby. Bids came out next month. I was awarded the same afternoon airport standby line. I have just one partial weekend off.

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