Monday, July 6, 2009

Surprise! An Overnight!

Just after I finished a quiz during my CFI refresher course, my phone rang. I was given a TWO HOUR notice of a flight to an overnight. Two hours? Really? Somehow an entire crew was needed as the crew was composed of a Captain and two Flight Attendants on airport standby. I looked up who was supposed to fly this flight, couldn't find them. Odd.

The Captain I am with used to be in the training department for my aircraft. He trained me back when I started. Flying with a Captain from the training department is a bit intimidating. They know everything about the plane nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip. I know a lot, and can safely operate the aircraft....but not always exactly as stated in the landing profiles and such.

Most of the flight was fine. He gave me the leg out. I set up for the landing early. I was at flaps 45 before 1400 feet AGL. Normally on a visual approach I wait till 1000 feet to call for flaps 45. Being at flaps 45 so early burns more fuel. The winds were calm. I hate calm wind landings. I don't think as hard. During a crosswind I am working the yoke, throttles and rudder the whole way down. With calm winds...I just kind of sit there. The touchdown was nice...better than average.

The overnight is just 9 hours. Seeing as I have an overnight tonight, I won't be assigned airport standby tomorrow. With a little luck I will be released once we arrive back in base. I have regular reserve on Wednesday. With a little more luck I will be paid to sit at home.

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  1. Thanks for bringing the blog back, when you had the chioce to make... It is a nice look into the aviation lifestyle (honest, funny, informative, and unique), and also a very interesting read! :) So thanks once again....


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