Monday, July 20, 2009

August: Same as July...but now with more suck!

Next month I appear to have the same assignment. Afternoon airport standby. The bids aren't final yet....but I doubt it will change.

There has been a change in the bidding process starting with August bids. In the past if a pilot failed to bid (or did not bid enough lines) they would get whatever was left over. This is how I lucked out with regular reserve lines for May and June. No longer.

For now on if a pilot fails to bid he will be assigned the highest line he can hold of the remaining lines. For example if the number 1 pilot failed to bid and there were two lines left, a hard line and the afternoon airport standby line, he would get the hard line. Using the same scenario in the past I would get the hard line (as I bid every line) and he would get afternoon airport standby. So for me....there is no use in bidding. I get the last line regardless. Oh least I have a job.

For July, the afternoon airport standby line had Thursday - Sunday at 2PM off. Not bad at all. Next month the same line has weekdays Tuesday thru Thursday. Boo.

Displacements. I covered the process here. As is there are no pilots being displaced out of my status. I am still up to being displaced just by how the process works. My plan is to try to stay in base....if not then I will likely be a commuter. I am fairly certain I can hold another aircraft in my base. There is a pay differential though....which will suck.

If I am displaced this will be the third time in the course of 22 months. The first two times were all on paper. Each time I was awarded back my current status before the effective displacement date. The first time was just one week prior. The second time was well in advance. I am numb to it now. If it happens it happens. Even if it happens it could change.

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