Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let the games begin

I had yesterday off (enjoyed a baseball game with my wife and her coworkers). I have tomorrow and Saturday off (going to another baseball game at AT&T Park in San Francisco). I am on reserve just today and then start again on Sunday.

Being the most junior pilot in my status I thought for sure I would have morning airport standby. For this month I have the afternoon airport standby line. For three days of a four day stint I have a shift from 2PM to 10PM where I standby for a flight. On the fourth day I am assigned straight reserve. Today is just a random reserve day.

I really thought I would get morning airport standby since it's not covered. Nope. I got assigned a 10AM till midnight reserve call out assignment. I have to be available during those hours for a 2 hour call out. Since I have tomorrow off I can't be forced into an overnight unless no one else is available. There are 7 other pilots above me on reserve today.

The last flight that is a part of a turn (meaning leaves to an outstation with a flight back to base) leaves at 5:20PM. So the latest they can call me to make that flight is 2:35PM. In addition to the 2 hour call out I have 45 minutes to prep for the flight (check charts, preflight and other duties). So I am really only concerned between 10AM and 2:35PM. Not too shabby.

I got the idea to go to AT&T Park from a blurb in Maxim magazine. Maxim actually has REALLY good articles. In the most recent magazine I saw this:

 Gilroy Garlic Fries, $6.50
AT&T Park—San Francisco, CA
With Barry Bonds gone next year, Gilroy Garlic Fries (delicious fries smothered in minced garlic and parsley) might be the only legitimate reason to catch a Giants game in 2008.

Let the games begin!!!


  1. I have had those Gilroy garlic Fries at ATT park. Myself and the other members of my family agree that they are amazing!!!! Enjoy the game.

    Gilroy claims to be the "Garlic Capitol of the World". I is located near the coast in north-central California.

    #2 son and I are planning to catch a Rockies Game on Monday. I bet they don't have them there.


    Found this video online about What a pilot checkride is like. Thought you might find it funny.


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