Sunday, July 12, 2009

Helping out the enemy....crew scheduling

So I was sitting airport standby watching the flights like I always do. There was a 6:45PM overnight that had no crew. The flight had been pushed back to 8PM and two pilots were junior manned into flying it. I was assigned a 9:30PM departure. Fine. I was to have a 9 hour overnight and deadhead home. This would have been fine, but the return flights were all full and I would be on standby. Hmmm not fine.

Well at 8:15PM I checked my flight and noticed the inbound plane wouldn't arrive until 9:15PM. I then checked and did a little investigative work and found the crew flying the plane in was *supposed* to fly the overnight flight I was assigned. They then fly out tomorrow afternoon. Now the delimma. Do I give the heads up to crew scheduling?

I know the Captain, he is local. The rest of the crew are unknown to me. The schedule is a "commutable" 4 day so I assumed at least one is a commuter. Since they lost their overnight they would all be responsible for finding somewhere to sleep tonight. If I called crew scheduling, I could give them back their overnight AND get out of having to sit in an airport all day tomorrow trying to deadhead home. Of course I would also cement my fate as having afternoon airport standby tomorrow. Choices.

The call was made. I called crew scheduling and gave them the heads up. The agent put me on hold and then put the crew back on their overnight. Nice. The earlier 6:45PM flight is still here...supposed to depart at 8:50PM. The overnight is just 7 hours long. It will be adjusted to 8 hours. I really wanted that overnight as it was somewhere new and different. Maybe next time.

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