Thursday, March 26, 2009


This has been a very slow month. I have flown all of 13 hours. I had airport standby today and reserve tomorrow. On Sunday my wife and I are going to hop over to Minneapolis for lunch. We both love the TV show Man vs Food and want to try a burger he recently ate.

This afternoon I am going to try to move my April schedule around for 3 day weekends. Moving around reserve days can be tricky as I can only work 6 days in a row. It's a game that must be carefully played. I have on paper a plan to get most weekends off. I remember a while back I played this game and ended up working 12 out of 13 days in a row. I had 6 days on, 1 day off and 6 days on. That was rough!

For the most part I do enjoy the afternoon airport standby more than the morning standby. When I had morning standby I would wake up at 5AM, be out the door by 5:20AM, sign in at 6AM and then schlep around the airport for 8 hours. I would sleep for a few hours. Around 2PM I would be released for the day and would be tired the for the rest of the day.

With afternoon airport standby I wake up whenever, have a few cups of coffee, take care of things around the house and then head into work. I still schlep around the airport for 8 hours, but at least I'm not tired and in a funk.

The forecast for airline hiring is gloomy. For all those hoping to get hired on, stay current but don't hold your breathe to get hired this year. In the meantime try to get a "real" job and save some cash.

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  1. what's your advice for those of us stubborn folks who are currently in flight training right now and refuse to give up on the dream of flight. Wouldnt now be a good time to be in training so that when things do turn around (god willing) we will be in a position to do something about it.... or am i just naive and living in a fantasy world.

    ps thanks for the awesome blog. I've been following your progress for a long time now and it is great to have first hand knowledge of an industry i am so desperately trying to get into. thanks again, and keep up the good work.


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