Monday, March 2, 2009


General aviation planes have come a long way in technology. There are Cessna 172's flying around that have more high tech equipment than many airliners. The G1000 is an amazing setup for a cockpit. For those unfamiliar it's a full glass cockpit. I never had the chance to fly one while I was training.

Before I started at my airline I rented a 172 to fly my wife and I for some $100 BBQ. The FBO (Fixed Based Operator) I rented from had a 172 with the G1000 cockpit to rent....but I wasn't qualified. Even now that I fly a CRJ I am still not qualified. In order to get checked out the FBO required 5 hours of G1000 time plus their G1000 course. I priced it out and it would cost more than $900. Ouch. Instead I rented a normal 172 for the trip.

My old flight school is offering a G1000 checkout including 4 hours in a Diamond Start 40 for $495. It's very tempting. I miss flying low and slow. Don't get me wrong I love flying at FL390 at 550 MPH, I would just like to fly for fun again.

I might have to beg my wife to buy the package for me for my birthday. The only issue is the package is only offered in Atlanta, Georgia. I could likely fly into Atlanta, rent a car, fly the G1000 and then fly home that night.

One day my wife and I would like to buy our own plane and fly up to Albany, Oregon where her parents live. There is a nice small airport there. One day.

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  1. Hey I train on the G1000 its pretty nice i wont lie.


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