Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Family that travels

Dropped my wife and daughter off at a gate tonight. They are off for a weekend with family. Tomorrow I head out for another 4 day. I would like to have gone with them, maybe next time.

I bid to work weekends to save on day care. My wife has a normal Monday thru Friday job. She took off Friday to have a 3 day weekend and thus can travel. For June I am going to bid weekends off and she is going to move her schedule around to work one weekend day so we can have a little more time together.

We have lost track of how many flights my daughter has been on in her 8 months on this earth. It's over 16 flights. She's visited every corner of the United States. Pretty seasoned traveller. To recognize this I bought her a shirt:


In the past I worked for a cable company and got free cable TV and Internet. At the time that was great. Now travel is one of the best perks I can think of.

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  1. Very cute shirt. But aren't you worried she might get the wrong idea about aerodynamics? I mean, it's a jet but the wings aren't swept back. And the horizontal and vertical stabilizers look way too small for the size of the fuselage and wings. I guess it will be a teaching moment? ;-)


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