Friday, May 13, 2011

One Eye'd Pilot ?

Back in 2007 I was hired at my airline. On the night after my first day I scratched my cornea. I arrived on day two wearing an eye patch. Lots of stares and glares. A friend of mine said, "Yeah they are getting pretty desperate for pilots, now hiring one eye'd pilots." Nice eh?

It healed. Minor issue.

Yesterday I scratched the cornea on my other eye. I had a suspicion I did it again as it felt like there was something in my eye that I couldn't flush out. I tried over the counter eye wash. Nada.

I hoped it would heal by this morning so I could commute up. No go. Called in sick. Went to the Doctor. Diagnosed with the same issue. Given eye drops.

The good news is this case is much more minor. Last time it was painful for 3 days. I can almost see normally out of it this time. I'm going to see how I feel in the morning and debate calling in sick again.

The problem is my trip leaves my domicile on day 1 and doesn't return till day 4.

To cover the first part of the trip they put a reserve on it. He flies my day 1 and dead heads home tomorrow after my overnight. I am supposed to deadhead from my domicile to meet up with my crew at the out station. As is it will be a 14 hour duty day...down to the minute.

Problem....I don't live in my domicile thus I will commute up tomorrow morning. I will spend 7 hours on airplanes as a passenger before I get to the outstation. It would be nice if I could go straight there....but my kit bag is in my domicile. Boo.



  1. Where was I? I thought that I'd posted a comment related to the last 2-3 posts.  First, thanks for the updates. More osting is better than less posting; those who go dry get dropped!  Like you, the doer, I the observer also have ongoing concerns about the commuting routine.  For line staff with enough senority to hold at least a semi-desirable line, it can work very well.  For junior line staff who may need to commute with the major traffic flow on say Friday, to begin their low senority weekend and Monday lines, I guess you can expect some problems here and there.  Even with Plans "D", "E" and "F", you still have to be there on time and I'll hope (pray?) that you are awake and alert enough to fly safely.  Please!

  2. Believe it or not it's possible to get a medical with one eye.  I know a fella who has done it for years, one of the best pilots I know too.  Although, I think he has done this with a 3rd class medical...


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