Friday, May 13, 2011

Preparing for another 4 day

I have a standard setup for 4 day trips. It works for the most part, but could always use tweaking based on the hotels.

My trip this month has me in two different hotels than the three I stayed in last month. One new one offers free breakfast and a microwave while the other two offer nothing in the way of free food or food prep.

As mundane as I think it is, some might wonder what goes in a suitcase to survive 4 days/3 nights on the road.

I'll start with non clothing since it might be more interesting?

Eight packets of instant oatmeal - easy to make using the coffee maker...I bring my own spoons can be breakfast or a snack

One instant Macaroni and Cheese - cooked at the hotel with a microwave

One tuna lunch kit - for a snack/meal in a pinch

Ten packets of fruit snacks - healthier than Skittles

Four fiber bars  - filling and healthier than Snickers

That ends the for my tech

One Roku XD Box + HDMI cable - new this trip, I don't watch much "real" TV

One Asus WL-330gE router - can take a wireless signal in and rebroadcast another (needed because the Roku box can't click "OK" I will use my Ipad/Phone initially on the connection)

One iHome iHM60 Rechargeable Mini Speaker - better speaker than the Ipad or my phone

Back up alarm clock

Back up headphones - super cheap kind as I break/mispace them often

Backup charging cables for my Zune HD, IPad and HTC Thunderbolt. Main set kept in my messenger style laptop bag

For tolietries I carry

Shaving gel, aftershave and razor

Toothpaste + toothbrush


Enough contact lenses for a week (I wear dailies)


One back up work shirt


Polo style shirt

Three undershirts

Two "out and about" t-shirts

One workout shirt

Workout shorts

Walk around shorts

Socks and underwear for 5 nights...just in case

Running shoes

Finally I carry an umbrella...didn't know where to place that.

All of this goes into a standard carry on bag.....and it's not overstuffed. It's all about how you pack.


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