Monday, September 14, 2009

What a boring month!

I haven't flown since September 6th...seems like longer than that.

Each day I am on standby it looks like I will fly. Many times I am the only First Officer available....but each night I go home. Once again tonight I am thinking I might fly. I watch the outgoing flights to see if crews will connect to them on time. Right now there is a 6:45PM flight to a short overnight where the crew will misconnect  by at least 25 minutes.

It's been a really boring month. I've flown all of 11 hours. Of those 14 hours, 10 of them were on overtime. If I had not picked up overtime I would have flown just 4 hours. Ouch.

The powers that be selected me for Jury duty next Monday. In order to get paid and not have a mark on my record I have to bring my jury summons to my Chief Pilot. No biggie. It would be more complicated if I were a line holder though.

Beyond that....welcome to boring town. Population

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  1. Does the chief pilot fly a line? I ask this because I want to be a chief pilot. Exactly what does a cheif pilot do?

    I know I could probably google that but you'll probably have more insight, plus if you're on airport stby, then it'll give you something more to do.



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