Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's all about the breakfast

On an overnight. Kind of surprised I got it. The crew that was supposed to fly it misconnected by just 5 minutes. Oh well....this way I don't have airport standby tomorrow.

This is my new favorite overnight .The hotel is extremely nice. Two rooms suites, LCD's on the wall....and the best part...the flat out best breakfast of all the hotels I stay in.

I haven't flown much this week. The first two days on airport standby ended with me going home. I had a feeling I would fly today as I was the only First Officer available. As is I arrive back in base tomorrow at 9AM and will hopefully be released. It would be nice to spend a weekend day with my wife.

Once a year I go back to the training center for a check ride. This should be occurring in the next two months. I am going to dust off the flash cards I made during my initial training and go over them once a day starting Monday. You can never start preparing too early.

Pretty slow time right now blog wise. Guess I should get around to publishing that crosswind blog. Still working on getting Facebook Connect to work. Feel free to shoot a question my way via the comment system or email.

It's 10PM now....6:45AM van....time for bed.

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  1. I started following your blog right after you passed your one-year check ride. I've checked back nearly every day since I found it. You really provide some great insight, especially for someone like me that wants to do the same thing. Please keep doing what you're doing, and most of all congrats on almost two years!!


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