Thursday, September 10, 2009


Buddy of mine from ATP stopped by today. I am cleaning out my closets...(yes plural) of a lot of computer parts. I am tossing out computer cases, motherboards, cables, monitors...lots of stuff. I mentioned my clearing on Facebook. He needed network cabling. I was tossing out A LOT of network cabling. I gave him at least 75 feet of cabling...I think it might be closer to 100 feet.

While he was here we talked about the industry. He is getting furloughed in a few weeks from his current airline. He's pretty young and is looking forward to some time off. He has been living in base in an apartment for more than a year. Not a great apartment...but an apartment. His schedule allowed for very few days to come home and see his parents. He sees the furlough as time off. He figures the unemployment checks will be about what he would take home after paying rent and bills. There's a mutual friend that is a CFI at a local flight school that he might get a gig with. The school needs someone with turbine time.

Prior to flying I spent almost 8 years in the computer field. Fixing both hardware and software issues. I've been a computer guy for over 20 years. Over that time I have amassed a lot of computer parts. I've tossed out quite a bit over 20 years....but I've kept a lot as well. Time to clean house.

My mother in law, sister in law and niece are all coming in town for a week next month. Their arrival is my deadline.

Tomorrow my wife and I are flying out for the day. Just a day trip. Should be fun.

Back to reserve on Saturday.


  1. Make sure that you recycle your electronic waste properly!

  2. No worries there...I live with a tree huggin' woman...can't throw anything away


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