Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sometimes crew members get ill

Day 3 of my last 4 day  (hopefully for a while) for the month.

The regular Flight Attendant for the line traded out of the trip this week.

I have a habit of arriving to the aircraft first. I don't try....just happens.

My report time was 5:25 PM. I left home at 4:40 PM and was sitting in the right seat of the aircraft at 5:20 PM.

The Flight Attendant arrived. She wasn't junior or senior....right in the middle.

She said she commuted in and thinks she slept funny as her neck her a bit. She said it wasn't major, just annoying.

The Captain arrived, same one I've had for the last two trips. We began setting up the flight. This would be his last trip at my airline so we decided he would fly the last leg which meant he also flew the first leg.

Normal flight. Descending into the airport area we called back to let the Flight Attendant know we were in range. She said she was in much more pain now, but would be fine once she got to the hotel.

After all the passengers left we made our way to the van. The Flight Attendant was walking very slowly behind us.

She said her neck pain was much worse and she had problems turning her head.

I asked if she had any bug bites recently (I'm not a Dr but recall something about bug bites and neck pain). She said she in fact did.

When we got to the hotel she was in tears. She said she needed help getting out of the van. I then stated maybe it's best for her to stay in the van and we could all go with her to the hospital. She protested and just wanted to take a bath. The Captain also insisted she go to the hospital. She wasn't having any of it.

The Captain then asked if she would call in sick so a replacement Flight Attendant could be sent on the flight arriving later in the evening. She insisted she would fine after she took a bath.

We went to our rooms. The Captain and I were certain we would not be leaving on time in the morning.

Sure enough the Captain called me at 10:30PM. The Flight Attendant was in the Emergency Room. Too late for a Flight Attendant to be sent that evening. We were delayed.

Instead of departing at 8:30 AM we had to wait for a replacement Flight Attendant to arrive at 9:45 AM. Being so late we lost our next turn. We pushed out at 10:25 AM. The passengers were upset at being late, but understanding that sometimes crew members get sick.

Once back in base I had a nice 5 hour sit. Home I went.

While home I watched TV, researched Solar power and did the dishes....exciting stuff eh?

The flight to the overnight was set for 4:15 PM. To get the flights back in order with the Captain taking the last flight he took the flight to the overnight.

Awesome overnight at a great hotel.

A "buddy" sent me this pic....the beautiful state of New Mexico.


Right now I am once again in a La Quinta. Tomorrow is go home day.



  1. Question on this one... I "ASSUME" the Captain could not have forced her(or any of the crew) to go to the emergency room?? Seems like you both new what was coming, but that she wanted to try and tough it out(not that its bad) BUT with the way her condition degraded through out the flight...

  2. The Captain can't force a crew member to visit the ER. The Captain can refuse to allow a crew member to work a flight if the Captain feels they aren't physically able to perform the job.

  3. Ahh.. That makes sense! Thanks! Congrats on your new "extra duties" for the union!


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