Monday, September 22, 2014

I don't like 4 day trips

This month I had all 4 day trips in my schedule. I don't like 4 day trips...too much time away from home, especially with the low value placed on the trips.

For September I had a single 18 hour 5 minute four day trip and three 18 hour 50 minute four day trips. That's not very productive seeing as the overnights are 12, 13 and an agonizing 19 hours long. When I come to work I want to work, not sit in hotel rooms.

October will be something completely different for me. I will be working 2 day back to backs.

I start a trip late on Mondays and finish late on Tuesdays. I then start another trip mid day Wednesdays and finish mid day on Thursdays. Works with daycare and they aren't four day trips.

This will mean more driving to and from the airport, but that should be fine. The value of the two combined trips is just 17 hours. The advantage is I won't be spending 19 hours in a La Qunita.

In addition to a change of trip type I am also going to be spending more time with Union activities.

The Communications Chairman moved to a new airline. The position is normally appointed by the top Union positions each October. I am stepping in as the interim Communications Chairman until a vote is held. I hope to show in the interim that I can do the job for the next full year.

The position is on a volunteer basis, but it won't take much more of my personal time away. If I need to work on a project I can pull myself off a trip (with pay). If I have to work on a normal off day I can pull myself off another work day to make up for it.

Finally I can put my journalism degree to great use. I've been putting it to good use with this blog.

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