Monday, May 5, 2014


Relaxing week or so. One great perk of this job is being able to set my own schedule.

May is an odd month. I have a single day trip, two 2 day trips and 2 four day trips.

My original two day last week didn't fit well with day care and the schedule my wife likes to keep. Part of our lifestyle is only paying for daycare 3 days a week. Doing this saves over $4,000 a year.

The schedule from last month was a Sunday thru Wednesday 4 day. My last trip finished last week on Wednesday. The first 2 day was supposed to start on Friday at noon. No bueno for keeping daycare to just 3 days.

I traded the trip for a 5:30PM start instead. The new trip was worth 3 hours less, but fine with me as it was just 2 legs versus 6. As a bonus I got to take my daughter to the zoo.

Today I had a simple 5 hour day trip. Just two legs. I did have a somewhat early 6:40AM report time, however I was finished by 12:30PM as we arrived early.

Tomorrow I have a two day trip with 5:40AM report time. It's an easy 8 hour two day with 6 legs finishing at 11:30PM on Wednesday.

It's nice having the ability to work when I want to for the most part. It comes with seniority. The latest update shoes me still in the top 25% in base. The problem is it's a shrinking base. We're down over 11% in staffing from a year ago.

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