Friday, May 16, 2014

Fit to fly for another year

Passed my 1st class medical.

I was going to take it on Wednesday. The appointment was made and I was all set after my trip. When I came home I wasn't feeling so hot. A little stressed due to work (lots of uncertainty going on with my employer). Some news had been handed down.

Back in 2006 when I got my first medical ever  I was overweight, smoked, drank and never exercised. I had no idea what a medical was. Ten minutes in I was laying on a table prepared for an EKG. My blood pressure was borderline high at 148/95.

Since then I've lost a lot of weight, gave up smoking and exercise 4-5 times a week.  My average rate was down to 125/75.  I measure myself at least twice a week.

Last Wednesday I was above my average and cancelled the medical.

The thought of not passing a medical stressed me out more.

Since I'm headed to Hawaii next week I figured I'd try again today (Friday). I passed. I was still higher than my average today at 130/85, but within the range. The nurse said max for a 1st class is 150/96.

Being a commercial pilot is always on of the list of top stressful jobs. If they specified "for a regional airline" I'm sure it would be number one.

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