Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why do I even bother?

I had a 4 day starting on Thursday. Earlier in the week I put in a request to drop the weekend flying. The result was a 2 day finishing at noon on Friday.

Weather. Lots of it.

Day 1 on Thursday was one leg in. Before I even left my return flight was cancelled.

Arrived early. Off to the hotel..

Later that day scheduling reassigned me to fly a later flight. Just one leg in.

Friday morning my noon departure cancelled. I was reassigned for the noon departure Saturday.

As I got dressed for the 11AM van.....the noon departure cancelled.

All for weather.

The good thing was there is a casino nearby. I was up $130 yesterday. Came back with $80 positive. Pretty sure I'll give it all back.

Ya gotta have a sense of humor to work in the travel industry. I should make it home tomorrow.

xt I'm supposed to fly tomorrow is on it's way here.

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