Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Congratulations to the junior pilots!

December is an anomaly for bidding when Christmas Day falls on a weekday. The reason? Senior pilots switch from bidding weekends off to working weekends to get Christmas off.

My original line for December had me working all weekends and having Christmas off. After last years Christmas fiasco I didn't want to work any part of Christmas.

After lines are assigned pilots are given a chance to move around their sequences. I was able to move mine around to get two full weekends off and one partial weekend off. I still have Christmas and New Years off.

This being Thanksgiving week I am working Thanksgiving day by choice.  In theory I should finish at 2PM. I'm always in fear of the junior man assignment. Sick calls go up every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I find it unfair as we work in the travel industry. Planes fly everyday of the year. We know this going into this job that we will work Holidays. The more senior a pilot gets the better chance of getting the schedule they want. I could have had Thanksgiving off, but I bid a schedule that finished in time to have half the day off. I don't complain when I work holidays. I don't like working holidays, but it is what it is. I do complain about being given extra flying because a pilot called in sick just to get the holiday off.

On day one of a 4 day. Much easier than my last 4 day as it's a 3-4-2-3 trip. Trips in and out of my base. Total value it a fairly low 19 hours.

The first day was just 3 hours. Three quick legs. Today is the "hard" day with 4 legs worth 7 hours and 50 minutes.

With the cold temps blanketing the country I've had to dust off my winter gear. Gloves, hat, thermal pants for under my uniform pants and the all important thermal liner for my jacket. I don't like cold.




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