Thursday, February 14, 2013

Always pack food

One of the perks of traveling for a living is staying at nice hotels.

One of the negatives of traveling for a living is staying at nice hotels.

One reason? Food.

I've found the nicer the hotel the less that is given for free or cheap.

Example: Holiday Inn Express has free breakfast (cinnamon rolls for the win!) while Holiday Inns have nothing for free.

Right now I am in a Four Points by Sheraton in a downtown location. This isn't a big and nice downtown, but a small/medium downtown. Big downtown locations have tons of food options. Small/medium downtown locations...not so much.

No free breakfast here and the Google reviews of the breakfast are one star by more than 20 people. No thanks.

We are supposed to have microwaves and fridges in the room. I've been here 7 or 8 times and have never had a microwave or fridge.

I did a Google search for nearby food...nothing within a 5 minute walk. Its below freezing outside.

Thankfully I always carry food.

I always have oatmeal packets, bars, tuna fish meals and at least one microwaveable meal.

Since most every hotel has an in room coffee maker I had a decent breakfast.

Using paper cups (wax lined I picked up from another hotel as I don't trust in room mugs!) I used the coffee maker for hot water and had oatmeal. I then had coffee.

Van time is 11 AM. I will have a tuna fish meal before I leave.

Two hour flight to base and I have a 2 hour sit before a 5 hour turn to end my trip at 9:30 PM.

If I didn't pack food I'd spend way more money....and, from the Google reviews of this place, die from dysentery after eating breakfast. Oregon Trail anyone?

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