Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This was like an office job

Did a day trip today. I left the house at 6AM and walked back in my front door at 6:05PM. I only live 15 miles from the airport.

The flying was fine. Normal winter ops. We did have to de-ice twice. The first one was kinda silly as there was a patch of frost 5 inches by maybe 20 inches on the left wing...that's it. Rest of the plane was clear. Rules are rules though.

First turn was easy. Extremely senior Captain. No issues.

Next turn was long.

The outstation weather was crap. Unpredicted snow.

During the boarding process at the out station the station manager came up and said, "I will try to find some Type IV fluid."

The Captain and I looked at each other and he said, "Did she just say she will FIND some Type IV fluid?"

Thankfully she found some.

Ironically right after we deiced...the snow stopped.

Rules are rules.

Flew 7 hours and 45 minutes today.

I show up tomorrow for one leg to the overnight. I have one leg back Friday.

Previously I had an international overnight with a trip worth 7 hours 20 minutes. I didn't care for the overnight or dealing with customs. Instead I traded into a trip worth 5 hours....but it's domestic.

I lost 2 hours 20 minutes, but I'm not worried. This month I am scheduled for 91 hours of flying. The highest amount ever. Saving money for the house.

Speaking of money, I'll have a "How much does a regional First Officer on year 6 pay make?" post this week.

As far as this day trip business. No thanks. It's too much like an office job. I'll take my 3 day trips....maybe 2 day trips....but day trips? Nah.

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